Kimber (chesterismyhero) wrote in bad_service,

Not horribly sucky...but annoying...

So the husband and I bought a house. We're in the final stages of everything and we're scheduled to close next week.

Now...when we started looking, we told our landlords that we would be moving sometime in the near future, and when we knew more, they'd get an official 30 day written notice.

To make a long story short, we accepted a counter offer on a house we really liked on September 26th. We knew we were already set for our loan, so I typed up a notice and faxed it to the landlords. I followed up with a phone call to make sure they got it. On the notice, I specifically said that this was our 30 notice, beginning immediately on Friday, September 26th and our last day in the property would be Sunday, October 26th.

So today one of the landlords stopped by to drop off our rent receipt. He started getting all pissy with the husband and I and was demanding to know when we'd be out of the house.

I told him exactly what we told his wife, October 26th. Our rent is paid until then, and that is the last day of our 30 days. Technically we're well within our rights to take that long to vacate the premises. He kept asking if we were going to be out sooner and demanded to know when we were closing on the new house. I told him that didn't matter and he'd get his keys back on the 26th, after we were done moving and cleaning the place.

So then he starts bitching about the mess.....well you see all the fucking boxes? We're in the middle of packing! Of course the house is messy. Yes, it will be clean when we leave because I want my damn deposit back.

Grr....I know they are pissy because we're leaving...but sheesh. The husband thinks they are trying to force us out earlier so they can get someone else in there and basically double dip on the rent money.
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