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My boyfriend and I decided to go for an early dinner on Sunday afternoon to the new Japanese steak house that had just opened.

We went in, looked at the menu, and were seated right by the door by a waitress. She took our drink orders and told us another waitress would come by to take our orders. I started to order from the lunch menu when I was rudely told that it was dinner time. It was 2PM. And it didn't say this on the menu or anywhere else. I froze for a second and then ordered from the dinner menu. My boyfriend ordered and the waitress took our menus and vanished. She returned about 5 minutes later with bowls of fake-miso coup, two spring rolls, and two bowls of salad. We dove into the soup and spring rolls, and I used my fingers to pick at my salad.

About fifteen minutes later our waitress arrived with our main dishes, set them down, and ran off before I got to ask for utensils. She was gone for 5 minutes before she returned to the table behind ours, when I flagged her down and asked for utensils. 5 minutes after that, we finally had forks and could start eating. My rice and veggies were luke-warm. 10 minutes off the grill can do that. >__<

I can eat with chopsticks. My boyfriend can't, so it wouldn't have mattered to him if we had chopsticks, but having to stare at our food for 10 minutes before we could start eating?! And then, while we were finally eating, she walked out the front door and went to her car to get something. My boyfriend isn't a waiter, and I'm not either, but he used to be a busboy and he asked me "isn't it common courtesy for a waitress not to leave the restaurant while she has customers?"

Ugh. I was so frustrated and upset that I had cold rice that I didn't enjoy my meal. Needless to say, she didn't get a tip. My boyfriend doesn't tip, so I'm in charge of leaving the money, but this time he TOLD me not to leave a tip. AUGH.
Tags: tip wank
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