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Dear UPS,

Yes. Yes, you are SO right. We paid you by credit card on Wednesday and it is TOTALLY *our* fault that *YOU* did not process the paperwork in time to activate our account again this week. Pfft what the hell were we thinking believing you when you promised to have our status up-and-at-'em again by FRIDAY? We didn't have anything to ship out Friday so we didn't expect you to come. We had a clerification to make on something else yesterday, and you were ohsokind enough to tell us you cannot help us because our account is not reinstated. OHSOSORRY we expected you to provide service for our expensive payment. PFFT OUR BAD. GEEZ SO SORRY DUDES. WHAT TEH FWUCK?

No longer yours,
A formerly faithful customer (Company, who ships 8 or 9 boxes on average M,T & W, and 3 or 4 on average R&F) OOPS OUR BAD WE TOTALLY DIDN'T MEAN TO FIND DHL'S NUMBER JUST LYING AROUND EITHER. SO SORRY.
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