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Bad Service at IHOP

I had some eye-rolling service at the International House of Pancakes this past weekend. I had gone there at 3:30am with a group of 6 friends. Late-night service there varies from pretty good to somewhat annoying, but I've never seen it THIS bad.

They're having a special on crepes, so I ordered a black cherry crepe with hash browns and scrambled eggs. After the waiter wrote down our orders, he went around the table and repeated them. All were correct, except he read that I'd ordered a blueberry crepe. "No, black cherry," I corrected him. (I don't happen to like blueberries - not that I should have to justify my order!) "Oh, black cherry, okay," he replied. I got a feeling of foreboding...

At one point, he came back and told one of my friends that his sandwich order had been put in on the wrong kind of bread. The waiter was apologetic, but my friend told him not to worry about it.

So, out come our orders. I kid you not, every single one had something wrong with it. One person got bacon he didn't order, one person had the wrong kind of eggs, etc. The only correct order? My friend whom the waiter had previously apologized to! His order was in fact on the right kind of bread. So either the waiter was confused, or the kitchen made a lucky mistake.

As for me? You guessed it - a blueberry crepe. I pointed this out to the waiter. Did he apologize, as he had apologized to my friend when he thought that order would be wrong? No, he argued with me! "That IS black cherry!" Well, then they were the tiniest black cherries I'd ever seen!

It is, in fact, pretty darn easy to tell the difference between the two, as you can see:

He still did not apologize or offer to replace the crepe. I could have insisted, but I was very tired, and had been filling up on the eggs and hash browns (at least those were right), and I just wanted to leave, so I gave up. (My boyfriend - who had also had to argue to get his order right - ended up eating the wayward crepe.)

I should know by now not to expect stellar service when dining late-night, but this was the first time a waiter has not only actually argued with me about my order, but apparently tried to convince me I was hallucinating about my food. (I wasn't THAT tired!)

tl;dr: Waiter repeated our orders to us and got just about all of them wrong anyway, and insisted I had the correct food when I didn't.
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