--POP--OPERA-- (pop_opera) wrote in bad_service,

Bad Service In A Shoe Store

So this is pretty minimal bad service, but the atmosphere in this store rubbed me entirely the wrong way. Three of my friends and I were on a shopping adventure today and our last place to hit up was the love of my life outlet shoestore. The sales were so good, it was great.

But the employees were NOT so great. There was one person ringing up a line of five customers deep and the rest of the sales people just wandering around the store - not offering to help anyone, not doing anything that seemed beneficial to the store, nothing. At one point the lady at the register SCREAMS across the store at her coworkers (I'm assuming? or maybe she was manager?) to do something productive, to clean up the shoes laying around and to start putting up the new display.

As I'm walking through the aisles I hear one of the guys working there say to a coworker under his breath, "So I'm not going to do jackshit. But you'll cover for me and say I did, right?"

I was so appalled. If I acted like that in my place of work (also retail) I would be in trouble so quickly. And the screaming across the floor when the shop is full of customers seemed really unprofessional to me as well.

No one was rude to me, but I couldn't believe how poorly the employees were behaving and getting paid for it.
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