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A Minor Restaurant Bad Service

This is the first time I have ever had bad service at a sit down restaurant. Ever.

Mind you, I'm a fairly reasonable person. I know that the waiter/waitress is only human. She may make a mistake here or there. That's fine. I'm not going to get upset if you forgot my soup at first, as long as it gets to me... especially if you look so very flustered because it's busy and you look like you had a long day.


I went to National Coney Islands today, after I went to a spiffy awesome Japanese Festival Cultural Thingie. My two friends, Brandon and Nesha are there. We get seated, and we all know what we want. The waitress that sat us down was just about to leave, but was kind enough to seat us and get us our drinks. She informs us that our actual waitress should be at our table in a couple of minutes.

It was about ten minutes before our new waitress got to our table, but I figure that it was because it was busy. She takes down our orders. I ordered chicken lemon rice soup (which is an important minor detail,) and Brandon ordered chili cheese fries, but with the cheese and chili on the side, not on the fries (another important detail.) 'Nuff said. Me and my friends play hangman while we wait for our food.

Now, at Nationals, soup is served first. The waitress comes out with my soup.

It's minestrone. Again, simple mistake. It happens. She goes back to fix it.

Now, I understand it takes a little while for food to cook. No biggie. However, I have never had to wait no more than thirty minutes for orders to get to the table, and that is for a large party when it's crowded. It was nearly fourty five minutes before she came back with my soup order, and the meal.

She also sets our bill on the table as she is serving our food.

This sets me on a WTF?

During our meal, she never returned. Not once. Not to see how we were doing. Not to see if we wanted drink refills. Not to see if we wanted dessert. Not if we needed boxs. We didn't even see her at her other tables so we could wave her down to get drink refills.

Not only that, but she had screwed up on our bill. Remember the fries my friend ordered?

She listed them as just regular fries, and charged two bucks extra for the chili and the cheese.

As we were heading up to the counter to fix the mistake and pay, I spot her.

Sitting at a table, yapping with people.

Let's just say I was a little miffed.
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