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wal mart greeter suck

sorry this may be a bit messy, it happened a few hours ago and i'm still shaken up.

My friend has a service dog, the dog may not be a "typical service dog" she is a chiuauah but she is indeed a fully certified service animal.


Friend and I went to Walmart, where we have been many times before (with the dog)
This time however the greeter tells my friend that they only allow in german shephards for the blind.

My friend tells the woman that is not true, they do not decide if a dog is a service animal because of breed,and once proper certifaction has been shown, it is illegal to ask why (there are many things service animals are used for, and hers is embarrissing to her)
anyway we go on to shop.
It should be noted here, we run across two floor managers, and countless employees none of whom bothered us about the dog at all.
in fact one employee asked if she could pet the dog.

we go to the youscan register  and my friend starts talking to the casher working there,  like contact info on the trainer and other things.. just friendly chat.

more suck happens when we leave, the greeter checked EVERY SINGLE ITEM in our cart.
and kept saying "hrum i dont see that on the reciept".

finally, as she checks and makes sure everything we have was actually rung up (she unbagged everything we bought and dumped it into the cart,i had to re-bag it all again)
she asks to see the reciepts again.. since we are standing there.

she then highlights every item on the reciept that was over ten dollars.

when i asked her why  because i have never had a greeter highlight ANYTHING on a reciept she told us its so we cant steal something off the shelf and then return it later to get the money.



Tags: bag snoop, service animal
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