immortal_jedi (immortal_jedi) wrote in bad_service,

Multiple Stores Bad Serivce

All by themselves, each of these is not all that bad- minor irritations. However, put together, they combined to make a shopping trip that was at least an hour longer then it should have been.

Every Saturday, we go shopping- Wal-Mart, Sam's Club, and any other stores in that shopping center that we need to go to. Today, we also needed to go to Bed Bath and Beyond for a wedding gift, and Lowe's for something to repair a drawer. Lowe's was the only place where we didn't run into problems.

First stop was at Bed Bath and Beyond. We were in there for twenty minutes longer then we should have been, because we asked for gift wrap. We were under the assumption that it would take two-three minutes to do.

However, the manager took ten minutes to get to the gift wrap, and she didn't seem all that busy.

That's not the worst. It took her ten minutes to wrap the present, because she kept leaving and going to help with other customers.

Strike One

At Wal-Mart, they're rearranging the store. That wouldn't be so bad, execpt that every time we go in there, nearly everything has been moved around. And, not even the employees can find things. So, after half an hour, we put what we did manage to find back on the shelves and walked out.

Strike Two.

There were no problems in Lowe's, thankfully.

In Sam's Club, things took a while, but then, up at the register, they didn't charge us for one thing of eggs. No problem, except that the door person took forever to figure that out, and then we had to go to guest service. We tried to just hand her the eggs, but she said it wouldn't take that long. Luckily, it was only another five minutes to get that fixed.

Well, like I said, by themselves, none of them are that bad. But put all of them together, and I was ready to get out of there.
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