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This was a few months ago but it still bothers me...I'm not a particularly hard customer to please when I go out to eat. But some waiters are just bad. Three friends and I went to a very popular asian place and got the last seat  (before they closed it) out on the patio. Our waiter was so...weird. Just weird, no people skills and a little creepy. But who am I to judge him on that, right? Let his service be what decides his tip at the end of the night.
So we ordered, got our food, ate, talked, waited....waited...waited...(note that we were only there for dessert) about half an hour after we had finished we were still waiting and no one had checked on us the entire time. It was getting pretty chilly even with one of those heating lamps on but we decided that we would wait a few more minutes until one of us went in to ask for the bill. When my friend finally did go in to talk to someone she informed the staff that if no one was out there within 10 minutes we would be leaving. I mean, it'd probably been almost an hour since anyone had talked to us at all and we were the ones who had to ask someone to come out! Also, there had been staff that had come outside to do other things, so they knew we were there. I think we ended up waiting around 10 minutes for our waiter to come out and he didn't seem to think anything was wrong....we got the bill and when I went to pay (on me: total about $40 I think) the tip was obvious...$1. I'm not paying for service I'm not receiving.

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