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Excuse me?

So my boss went to Ann Taylor Loft today to buy some clothes. She said the sales clerk was very chatty and clearly new, but helpful overall. Forgot to bring a shirt to the dressing room etc etc, but still nice and pleasant overall. Now when my boss was checking out, the same lady (working as a cashier) started talking about Palin and how much she liked her. My boss was trying to be polite because she's very pro-Obama, like most Washingtonians, and then the clerk let this bomb drop:

Well I like Palin and McCain and that other vice president guy, because, you know, they are white. I wouldn't vote for that other one though.


Needless to say, my boss reported this to a manager (ironically enough, every other employee in the store was black, which made it more ridiculous, if that's even possible) and then went back to confront the woman. She was very upset and told her that she teaches children, many of whom are hispanic or black and it really upsets her to hear someone speak like that etc etc.

The whole thing blew my mind though. I mean everyone talks politics in DC, but it's not generally accepted for a store employee to start that sort of conversation with a customer and spewing racist junk like that CERTAINLY is not acceptable. Ugh.
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