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Post Office Suck

This just happened today, and I'm still fairly mad about it. A little explanation, I just moved out of my parents' house a month ago, and I'm currently living in an apartment. The post office address forward thing is in effect, but I have a tendency to have Internet order stuff shipped to my parents' house, since it's halfway between the apartment and work, and I hear too many horror stories about people trying to get packages delivered to an apartment.

Last week I ordered some stuff from the Bath & Body Works website, and I had it shipped to my parents' house since I thought it was shipping FedEx. It still hasn't shown up today, so I do the tracking thing online and it says, "Undeliverable As Addressed." After double-checking that the address on the order confirmation was correct (it was), I called FedEx to ask what was up. They directed me to the USPS since apparently they just ship to the local Post Office and then the USPS delivers it with this type of delivery service. I call the local Post Office where a rather unhappy woman answers the phone. It's hard to convey tone in text, but it was the kind of tone that said, "You're an idiot and not worth the gum I scrape off the bottom of my shoe." And now we have script format because I'm lazy.

Post Office Employee: *says telephone greeting so fast I only catch my town's name*
Me: Hi, I ordered something from a website that was supposed to be shipped to me, but when I track it online, it just says, "Undeliverable As Addressed." I checked the address-
POE: *interrupting* It's got the wrong address then.
Me: No, I checked the address on my order confirmation. It's right.
POE: What's the address?
Me: *reads it off*
POE: Oh, that city and zip code are wrong. That street is in [1 town over].
Me: Excuse me?
POE: That's not in this Post Office's jurisdiction. You have the city wrong.
Me: This is the Post Office in [my city] on [main street through town]?
POE: Yes, but that street doesn't exist in this city, it's in [1 town over].
Me: Yes, it does. The city and zip code are right.
POE: Listen, honey, the city's wrong. You need to call the Post Office in [1 town over].
Me: *does not like being condescended to* Listen, honey, I've lived in this city for 16 years, I pay taxes in this city, and I went to this city's public school-
POE: *interrupting again* Hold on.
(Yes, I turned into a slightly sucky customer there, but it seemed to be the only tone she actually listened to.)
Me: *holds for 5 minutes*
POE: *comes back with same snotty tone even after being proven wrong* OK, the address is right, but there's a forward on it.
Me: Yes, I thought it was shipping FedEx, so I shipped to my old address since I still have access to it.
POE: Well, that's why it was undeliverable.
Me: Great, so it should show up at my new address?
POE: No, it was returned to the sender.
Me: What?
POE: It was marked to be returned to the sender because you addressed it wrong. (Note that she made it sound like my fault.)
Me: But if there was a forward on the address, shouldn't it be forwarded?
POE: Usually, but the carrier marked this one to be returned to the sender so we sent it back.
Me: So it would have been forwarded but the carrier marked it wrong.
POE: Because you put down the wrong address. I have carriers returning from their runs, I don't have time to discuss this anymore. *hangs up*

First of all, is it necessary to argue with me about the city I live in? Second of all, how is it my fault that your carrier made a mistake on what to do with the package? In the meantime, I now have to deal with the returned to sender crap. With any luck, I will not be on here in the near future posting about B&BW customer service department. *crosses fingers*
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