Gamerboi (gaymerboi) wrote in bad_service,

Yes, I love to use other people's dirty glasses!

It was my birthday yesterday, so a friend dragged me to the set of gay bars downtown last night.  We started off going to the Trapp Door.... ugghhh , Techno music up way to loud.  So loud I had a headache after we had been there five minutes, so we decided to go next door to the Trapp (country western gay bar) and sit on the porch.  Next door, the volume was perfect. 

So my friend ordered a beer, his other friend (I just met that night got a drink) and I ordered a water (since I don't drink).  We sat on the porch for about an hour talking and such.  I drank all my water, and chewed most of the ice. I had noticed something at the bottom of the glass, but thought it was a leaf, since I had set my glass on the porch several times.  So I went to chew the last of the ice so I tipped the glass over into my mouth.  I started chewing and there was something *SOFT*... I spit it out, and it was someones OLD GUM wrapped in a wrapper... it had been STUCK in the BOTTOM of my glass the whole night...

It was vile... I was so mad... I don't know how it could have still been there if they actually WASHED the glasses.. I have seen the high powered dishwashers there, so I think it would have gotten it out...


I talked to the bar tender, but I dont' think he cared. Needless to say, will probably not go back there again.
tl/tr - Music is so loud I get a splitting headache, and then after I finish drinking my glass of water I find a wadded up piece of gum in the bottom of the glass.....and by find, I mean, found it in my MOUTH....

 *Edited to fix my silly typos....... can you tell I only got a few hours sleep last night?
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