Mika (mikachu) wrote in bad_service,

WTF is wrong with the data input department??

Previous Experience:Earlier this year, the water was shut off to my home for over a week. There was absolutely NO basis for the water company shutting off our water and they admitted to getting our street number confused with somebody else who was in arrears with them. It took my husband hauling his First Shirt, supervisor, and squadron commander down to the damn place to get them to get off their lazy asses and turn our water back on! (military town in central SC)

Yesterday, my husband calls me at work to tell me that the water's been shut off... Once again, this is at no fault of ours because our bill is cheap and paid on time. Being as on edge as I am lately, I'm ready to leave my office and cross the street to the water company's office and rip some idiot a new one. The reason they turned off our water this time? Somebody had put in a shut-off notice for our house back in APRIL saying the house would be vacant in OCTOBER. Our water bill is in OUR name and neither of us put in such a notice. Our landlord(s) did not have any sort of notice that we'd be moved out in October back in April (because, hello, we had no plans of moving at that time). All the woman at the water company could come up with as to WHY this was happening was "data input error"... very similar to the one that happened earlier this year.

Thank GOD we didn't have to wait another damned week to have our water turned back on. It was back on a few hours later, so my rampage to their office was avoided.

I hate you Sumter Water... your establishment is full of incompetent IDIOTS.

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