When earth's foundations fled (yasaiya) wrote in bad_service,
When earth's foundations fled

Still No Literature For You!

Long story short: Ordered a book on August 10th, was told it would take a week to arrive. After two weeks went into the store to ask where it was, and was it told it would take six weeks. When to the store six weeks later, was told the store received an e-mail 10 days prior saying it would ship within two weeks. Confused as to why no one from the store bothers to call me.

So I was told to go into the store tonight to find out if the book had shipped, so I did. Now I originally ordered the book for a trip so I misplaced the receipt in packing and getting ready for said trip. No biggie, a cashier had printed off a new one for me, with all the info I could need. When I went into the store tonight I explained my situation and the cashier went to look it up. She scolded me for not having the original receipt (and told me how much harder I made it for her) and then yelled at me for not understanding e-mails. She then tells me it's not her fault no one called me in the first place then told me to show up tonight. She gives a very fake apology for this. She then tells me eventually the store will cancel the order because of how long it's taking. I ask to just cancel the order (since a very helpful LJ User gave me a link off Amazon for it), and she tells me since I don't have the 'real' receipt she can only give me store credit. I ask how long they expect the order to take and I'm giving this simple answer:

"I don't know, you should have kept your receipt"

I know I should have been more careful, but I lost it when I was packing, and I originally expected the order to take a week instead of nearly two months and counting. Besides, I have a new receipt from a cashier at the same store!

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