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Telephone company has no phone technology

So, I recently ordered U-Verse a service offered by AT&T, you may have heard of them, small mom and pop Telco.

They had an install special that involved a $200 rebate when I ordered the service. Still hasn't arrived so i called them up, i get bounced around a bit with long hold times. after 45 minutes I am talking to the correct person and they attempt to look up my account. No Dice, no account found (still get a bill however) after checking a few ways the girl tells me she cannot find the account and i will need to contact customer service to look up the account and verify information then 3 way into their dept . . .

Me: Well your dept has long hold times so can you conference into them?
AT&T Girl: No we do not have the ability to dial out.
Me: The PHONE COMPANY does not have the ability to make a phone call?
AT&T Girl: Sorry, we are an inbound call center.
Me: *facepalm*

Now I did speak to manager to mention how ludicrous it was that the phone company does not have the technology to CALL another department in order to assist a customer. I did this with the knowledge that when I worked for the same company in an inbound call center years ago, i regularly called multiple departments as necessary to fix the customers issues.

In other news, google chrome does not recognize facepalm as a valid word . . . . or google for that matter.

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