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VERY long bad_service thanks to PC Doctors in Northeast PA

This bad_service was written out over several days in my personal LJ, so I am combining them with Part Numbers between them.

Quick backstory: My laptop is a Toshiba, going on 5 years old now. It still runs beautifully, actually, other then with only 512 RAM it seems slow and has trouble with bigger programs due to the smaller memory (like Photoshop). Lately, the speakers have been hissing terribly and the fan has gotten noisy, so to keep up the life of it I wanted them both replaced. My dad offered to pay for the parts and installation as well as giving an upgrade by adding a stick of 1 gig RAM. I was SO excited! So onto...

Part 1

The laptop was gonna be quieter, faster, and hopefully live another 5 years. Well... that was the plan.

Found a nice repair company in the area and told them what needed to be done. Seemed to have no problem. He ordered the RAM that still hadn't been purchased (I ordered the speakers and fan through Toshiba proper.) This was Friday.

Monday, I drop the laptop off. I warned the guy about a screw that was completely stripped due to the Toshiba people when they fixed it back when Xem [my kitty] knocked over iced tea onto the keyboard. He seemed fine about it, but told me the RAM he ordered hadn't come in yet. He was hoping it would come by 4 today and that I could call him then.

4:15... I call. Turns out he had a bitch of a time getting out that one worn screw and says there was a second internal screw that had been stripped. He had to take apart most of the laptop to get to the fan and replaced it, and was putting it back together so he could do the speakers. Frowny face. Also, the RAM still hadn't come yet. More frowny face, but understandable. He said he would call me before he left (6:00) and tell me an update.

5:30 I get a call. Well, some good some bad news. I ask for the bad first... the RAM came but it was the wrong type. So he re-ordered the right stuff and says he'll come by and pop it into my computer when it arrives. (He lives only 2 blocks from my house and the ram DOES go in easily.) Good news was that the fan and speakers were in and the laptop back together, he'll drop it off at my house on his way home from work. Awesome, I think.

6:30 he arrives, gives me the bill (cheaper then expected) and my laptop and charger. I squee, thank him several times, deal with how we're going to deal with the RAM thing. My dad is paying for the bill for the repairs and new RAM, and I tell him this. He says on good faith he'll get the numbers from me in the morning when he's back at the repair shop so he can run the card. He'll run just the install charge and not for the RAM, just in case. I think YAY, I have a really awesome repair shop to go to now. BUT he says that if it needs repairs like this again that he would honestly not want to do it because of how difficult it ended up being to get the thing apart even past the worn screws. Slight frowny face, but hey. I figure by the time this laptop needs more repairs it'll probably be ready for the trash pile. As he leaves, he tells me that I should have his cell now and that if there's any issues to give him a call.

7:00 I finish the dinner I had been in the process of making and plop down on Final Fantasy to meet everyone for Dynamis. I boot the laptop up and SQUEAL. Its so quiet! No more hissing/popping speakers, the fan is as quiet as when I first got it and the laptop is staying nice and cool. Life is good! I start up my instant messenger service and go to type to my friend, "My new laptop finally came!" ..... except... I can't. The u, i, j, k, m, and < keys... are not working. Nothing is coming when I type with them and the are the only keys not functioning.

MORE frowny face. I immediately called the repair-man's cell phone number (I had it because he called before he dropped off the laptop to make sure he had the right house) and tell him something is up with the keyboard in a voice-mail after he didn't pick up. Gaah...

So I pop open my DVD ROM, determined to make the best of it. I figure... in the morning he'll have to come get the laptop and repair the keyboard. He broke it, his cost. I notice that after I put my brand new Red Dwarf DVD into the DVD (THANK YOU JF!) DVD ROM... nothing happened. Normally it tries to play it automatically.

I frown and boot up my DVD player. It ... isn't doing anything. Huh?

I open up Windows Explorer. WHERE THE ****ING HELL IS MY DVD ROM DRIVE?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!? It doesn't EXIST according to Windows Explorer!!!!!

Okay, cue me getting upset. I call the cell phone of the repair man again, get voice mail again, and tell him the DVD ROM is also not EXISTING and that he needs to please call me ASAP.

7:45, I get a call. Repair-guy! He says he isn't sure what's wrong but he'll come get the laptop immediately. He comes over in about 5 minutes (remember he only lives 2 blocks away) and takes my baby back, saying that he will look at it tonight and call me.

8:00 I get a call from my Dad. He gives me his credit card numbers. I jot them down and promise not to give the man the card numbers until the laptop is fixed.

....9:20 this morning. Repair center is open, still no phone call from the repair guy.

I want my baby back. ; ;

Part 2

ARG. Let's pick up where it left off.

At about 9:30 I called the PC repair place wondering what was going on. He said that he hasn't gotten to it yet. I'm like.... less then pleased but understand that they've probably got a lot going on in the morning. He says to call back this afternoon. I am thinking WHAT?!

I call at 1:00ish in the afternoon. He says everything is good now! The inside stripped screw that he had left out left wiggle room and one of the connections fell loose. He fixed it all up and everything is working just fine. I am thinking YAY end of ordeal!

I go at 5:00PM (they are open til 6) to get my laptop. They... look... and they look... and they look... I have a painful clenching, sinking feeling in my stomach.

The guy looks at a laptop on the stand nearby (where there were several laptops ready for pick up) and sighs. "I have good news and bad news."

I am NOT happy, "Where is my laptop?" I demanded. I was not being a nice customer anymore.

"...This laptop, the person who owns it... he was here this afternoon to pick up his laptop. I think my boss gave him your laptop."


"You gave some STRANGER my laptop!?" I know I said in pure shock. He just nodded. Already ideas of ID THEFT and Paypal account fraud and more are running through my head. "Do you realize what he could do with a few hours and a stranger's laptop!?" I said, my voice going high.

He 'assured' me that he would get my laptop this evening and drive it over to my house and he would CALL ME. I felt not at all comforted, and walked out of the building without paying.

Surprise surprise... it is 9:10 the next morning and I have no laptop and have not had a call, yet.

9:25 - I called the place. Evidently the stranger with my laptop had been out to dinner with his family when the PC guy went to see if he could quick to the exchange and after a phone call, the stranger would bring my laptop in in the morning. ...and wouldn't you know it, the stranger walked in right during the phone call. Supposedly. The PC guy offered to bring the laptop to my job by noon.

Who thinks I won't be having it by noon? Sigh.

At least he said he isn't charging me for any work he's done. I still feel like I am going to have to monitor my debit card account for any sort of weird charges and get a credit report for a while to find out if anything bad starts happening.

I'll update with any... 'conclusion' that might occur today.

Part 3

SURPRISE SURPRISE... no laptop by noon.

I wait by my phone from about 11:40 to 12:40, and get very frowny when I don't have my laptop yet. I called about 5 fives in that time to the PC repair place, but no one was there (or picking up.) I checked my voicemail, just in case.

At 1ish, I finally get someone and 'luckily' get the repair guy. I ask him "When will you be bringing my laptop?"

He replies, "I called you at 12:20 since I was near (town near where I work) and figured I could drop it off then. Left you a voicemail."

.....Um, no. "I'm sorry, but you haven't called. I have not left my phone since about 11:30 this morning and even checked my voicemail twice to make sure I hadn't missed anything."

He had no response to that. He finally mumbled something about looking if he could find someone to watch the shop for the time it took to get there and back, and hung up. I waited 10 minutes and got a call back. He couldn't leave the only other employee there, supposedly, and so he would send said employee up to drop off my laptop.

...Hell. Luckily, this time, it ACTUALLY HAPPENED. I have my laptop back in my hands. Immediately I booted it up, everything was okay. I checked my most recent documents, nothing opened since I had it. Checked the "recently modified" search, nothing since I had it. Ran virus scan, no viruses.

So the stranger who had my laptop seems to have done nothing, though I think I will get myself a credit report in about a month to make sure nothing has been opened in my name. HELL will break loose if something has gone wrong.

And worst yet? I still... STILL don't have the memory that was supposed to go in the computer. It should have arrived yesterday, as it took three days last time and he SAID it would take three days to arrive (he ordered it Monday, for those of you who don't remember.) So I called him this morning and... "It takes 3-5 days to arrive..." He still. Doesn't. Have. IT. RAWR. Meaning I won't get it until probably Monday. Luckily RAM is simple. Just remove a back plate and pop it in.

I have a headache after all of this. And true to his word, I haven't been charged anything. He can't, doesn't have my credit card (or my dad's, who was supposed to pay for this.). Yet. He will probably charge me for the RAM, which I have no problem paying for honestly... just not installation.

Let's see what havoc comes from the RAM, now... I bet it doesn't come by monday at this rate!

TL;DR: Guy who is supposed to replace speakers and fan in my computer and add memory orders the wrong memory, then gives my laptop to a stranger on accident, leads me around with phone calls and their lack of, sucks at delivery, and in the end, I still don't have the memory I should.

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