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UPS Billing/Accounts Receivable

So my company uses UPS to ship the products sold and assembled by us. We usually receive items by UPS too.

Back in April the financial administrator hurt her ankle and has been out of the office since (legit injury turned co_workers_suck. While she was gone, the president of the company (theres only 4 employees INCLUDING the president, and I hadn't been hired at this time) took over for her, in addition to what he was doing.

As the financial lady she (obviously) pays bills. UPS usually emails her the bills and the boss temporarily had her emails forwarded to him. As he feels sales are more important than bills (incoming money good, outgoing money bad) he would save the UPS bills for a day or two until he could get to them. These email bills are actually links to online invoices. These links are said (in the email) to be valid for two weeks. So if the boss doesn't view them for a day or two, we're still good right?

Apparently not. See, financial lady usually pays the day of. So UPS got used to deleting the invoices within a day or two (they charge a credit card, so they don't have to wait for a check in the mail or anything). So when boss clicked the link on some of them, and found the whole link not found spiel, he called the financial lady. Her understanding was they don't delete the invoices until they're paid, so they must have been paid. (There were charges to the cc from UPS so again, we thought all was well)

Cue to about a month ago when Financial Lady (FL) is finally back in the office regularly. She takes a look at the paper trail, and sees that some of these invoices got paid automatically (they charged the card for random amounts, none of which line up to the invoices) and some of them did not. She called, sorted things out, and asked "so, are we back on track now?" and clarified her question to mean "Are we caught up with our bills?" UPS assured her that all previous bills had been paid, and things were 'back on track'.

So since then (we get these invoices once a week) she's paid 4 more bills, received confirmation of payment etc etc. We move on to other problems that must be dealt with. Today though, the delivery driver (great guy actually. we brag about him to the neighbors. And, without him coming in to let us know today, we wouldn't have known this had happened) comes in and tells us our account was suspended. For not paying. He told us that he grabbed today's packages since he already had his hands on them when he received notice, but that he was REDLETTEREDFORBIDEN to come tomorrow.

FL calls UPS, and she gives them the name of the person who told her all was okay. She's told they have no record of that person ever working in that department, and that they haven't received payment since April. Oh except for that one...and that one..and that one... and they check the computer to see that oh hey we did pay. But there was still last week's bill that hasn't been received and they're going to keep the account suspended until that payment clears (which should be tomorrow, then it'll be 24 hours before we can reactivate the account).

I really like the delivery driver, and he felt bad that no one gave us notice. But WTF UPS? WTF?

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