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Canada Post, this is why email is kicking your ass.

My roommate and I get internet from Primus. We were having troubles with our wireless router (not from Primus), and my roommate thought they would be able to deal with it. After waiting on hold for 20 minutes, first guy said that they would deal with the router. Then we had to call back to get an address to send it to, waited 20 minutes, only to find out first guy had misinformed us and Primus wasn't going to cover the router (which, really, makes more sense, but still irritating that first guy didn't know this). We decided that we would go for a modem/router in one, to make life simpler. That way, when the internet wasn't working, we only had one number to call, and we'd be able to get any part replaced free of charge. For only $3 more per month. Score.

This was on September 19th. On Monday (September 29th), we were wondering how the heck it was taking so long. We called Primus, and found out that it was shipped on September 20th. We got a tracking number for Canada Post. I went online, only to find that the tracking number couldn't be found. I had to call Canada Post to figure out what the heck was going on. First irritation was that the woman who answered the phone had a VERY strong accent. It was hard to understand her, and I had to get her to repeat herself. Not really bad_service in and of itself, but irritating when trying to deal with the bad_service that was there.

She pulled up the record for the tracking number, and found out that they had attempted delivery on September 22nd, and someone had signed for it. She gave me my roommate's name. I was really confused, and told her I'd have to call her back, wondering if it was possible that my roommate had signed for it, and put it somewhere and forgotten about it.

Until I remembered that roomie had been out of town on the 22nd.

So, even though Canada Post has the right address for us (it was read back to me on the phone), it got delivered somewhere else. And someone else signed for it. Oh, and to have it investigated? We have to get PRIMUS to call them, because they only investigate on behalf of the sender. Because getting a corporation to try and find out package seems like it's going to be real easy to do.
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