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Mild suck from Play-Asia

So, on the 13th of Sept, I ordered a DVD from It's my first time ordering with them, and I've heard they ship fast and cheap, so I was pleased to find what I wanted for a reasonable price - something I can't buy anywhere else conveniently, I've since found. It was in stock when I ordered, I paid via Paypal and got a "payment received" email back from Play-Asia. Awesome! Since they're based in Hong Kong, and I'm in Australia, I was expecting it to take the usual week to get to me, maybe a little longer.

After a week, no DVD. So I checked the status of my order on their website, and the status was "preparing order". It then said underneath that they expected it to ship on the 29th of September. I was irritated, because a)I never got any notification to say the shipping date had been pushed back, and b) it was supposedly in stock when I ordered.

So I waited, and yesterday (30th Sept) I went and checked the status again. Still "preparing order", and now no information about when it might be shipped. So, I used their contact form to send a quick query as to when it might be shipped. I got a reply today, in very poor English, saying the item was out of stock and they would ship it "as soon as possible". So now I still have no idea when it will get here, and neither do they. *sigh*

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