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 Okay. Maybe this doesn't qualify as bad service to some of you. Maybe it does. This is going to be a long and painful rant because it was the straw that broke the camels back today, so to speak. Rant, rant rant. 

So you know when you are having one of those really stressful, really hectic days? I had been running since 8 this morning, doing TA work, grading papers, getting my own work done, and doing all sorts of things involved in my grad school crap. I was tired by the time I got out of class at 6pm, but decided, against the better wishes of my stomach to go sit in the library for two more hours and do some work. In that time, I figured out exactly what would fix this day. Sometimes, it can be a back rub, a hot bath, some cupcakes. And today, it was fries. Hot Chik-fill-a waffle fries and lots of nice packaged ketchup. 

So around 8:30pm, I pack up all my stuff and head to the Student Union, where there is a self-serve Chik-Fill-A counter, where I grab my hot, beautiful fries. Usually, next to the heating counter, there's a big bowl of packaged ketchup. But because it was nearing 9pm, it was completely empty, and there was no one behind the counter. So, I pay for my fries, grab a bag and start to wander the area, looking for some stray packages. Nope. None. 

At this point, the only other place open is a Wendys across the room. Okay, I think to myself. I doubt they'd mind if I asked for a few packages of ketchup. I meander over, wait until no one is being served and ask the lady. 

M: Excuse me ma'am, is it possible if I could use some of your ketchup? They've ran out everywhere else. 
Lady: No! We're all out. 

*She turns to some guy that had just walked up, and right in front of me.. right there. RIGHT ME STANDING THERE. She leans over and hands him what he asked for. Ketchup.... * 

M: *blinks...* Um.. okay. (At this point, I know this game and pull out my wallet.* Can I buy a drink then? 

The lady sighs and goes through the transaction, thrusting the drink towards me.

L: Have a nice day... 
M: Oh! And some ketchup please. (At this point, I'm a customer. I see her not having a problem.. oh, I'm WRONG.) 
L: No. I can't. You didn't buy any food. I can't give you any. You bought your food somewhere else.
M: But... I bought a drink? Doesn't that mean I'm a paying custo--

At this point, I'm cranky, tired, angry and frustrated. And I still have a 30 minute metro commute back home. So I don't argue, I grab my stuff, roll my eyes and storm off. Maybe I had a weak backbone over the issue, but I was tired. I planned to eat these delicious fries and ketchup on my ride back home. Now, I figured I'd just wait until I got home. When I finally got home, everything was stone cold. Reheating them doesn't have the original effect, and I'm still miffed. 

This in reality is a petty complaint. But jesus people, I want to know the retail value of a packet of ketchup. Is Wendys really going to lose so much money by giving me two or three ketchup packets? Thats all I want. I don't want 15 or 20, or hell, the entire carton. Just enough to eat my fries and make my day better. And then, when I buy my freaking drink, aren't I then entitled to condiments?  ARG! 

Now I realized what is going to make my day better. Wine. Lots of Wine! 

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