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This is a small bad service really, but something that really irked me.
My husband and I are in the process of having a brand new house built. The house is now done being framed and we had our final design center appointment today. Now, the first appointment we had was 2 weeks ago and we met with a lady who represented a company called GTI here in Denver. They handle all the low voltage stuff that will be going into the house such as prewiring for speakers and how many cable/phone outlets we would like and where to put them. This representative showed us all of our options and explained which data box will be going into our basement and how many ports it will have, possibilities for expanding on the wiring in the future, etc.  *the data box is the communications brain of the house if you will* (sidenote: My husband and I both have advanced electronics degrees and asked quite a few questions of the rep before making our choices. ) 

She informed us that the data box would have 2 ports dedicated to TV outlets and phone in both the living room and master bedroom. She then went on to tell us that we had 2 more ports that we needed to decide what to do with, did we want 2 more TV outlets in the extra berooms? Or did we want more phone jacks? We asked if that cost extra and she said it DID NOT. She said that it came standard with thier low volt services with that data box and all we had to do was decide where we wanted extra jacks. We made our choice and went over all the costs with her and signed off on our decisions. The 2 extra outlets we picked were not listed as costing extra on the paperwork she gave us.
Today, we go in to finalize everything with our design center consultant and she asks about the extra outlets. We relay to her what the GTI rep had told us about them being included and she seems puzzled. That's not so, she tells us. Extra outlets are $90 EACH. So she calls the GTI rep and asks what exactly is included and GTI rep denies ever telling us the outlets were standard and she must have "spaced" putting in the charges on the order sheet.  So now we are having to pay extra for 2 outlets that we were LIED to about being free. I realize that this is not OMG bad service, but I just feel like it's the principle of the thing. When people are making a huge purchase such as a house, it's important for the companies involved in providing services for said house to be upfront about the costs. I'm going to be e-mailing the representative that caused this mess aand letting her know I'm not satisfied with the way she misrepresented what was included. At the very least I expect an apology.

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