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My college is *still* trying to screw me over. I graduated three years ago.

There's a very long story here that's too old to be worth digging up all the bones, but short version: I transferred from a community college to a four-year school, to start winter quarter 2003. I was a creative writing major and the English department said I'd been done in, like, four quarters. In and out, no problem. And it wasn't, until I looked at my DARS report--the accounting we got each quarter of what we'd taken and what we still needed--in what should have been my second to last quarter. It said that about sixty percent of my transfer credits didn't transfer anymore. I was looking at two and a half more years. When I went to my advisor asking, essentially, "what the shit is this?!", she had no idea. She put me in touch with the head of the department who told me that oh, the university had changed their transfer system. No, I didn't grandfather in. Because I just didn't, was why. I ended up going to the President of the University, who didn't say too much more than "gee, that's too bad. We do need to overhaul our transfer system, I agree." I ended up switching to a history major and being there about two years all together.

I graduated in fall quarter of '05, and they harassed me a little the first few months I was out. There was some business where they wanted to charge me cleaning costs for my old dorm room for the quarter after I graduated. They wanted me to give them fifteen dollars for a parking ticket from 2004 for a while (that I wouldn't pay because I'd been parked in my lot with the correct permit displayed), but it went away at some point. The last few years, all I hear from them is, "we can has moneys, plz?"

I have my BA, but you need a master's degree or twenty years' experience to get full-time work in libraries. I'm only a part time reference associate and it took me a year and a half of hunting to get that. I was messing around with, the site that lists open government positions, last week. I found a few library technician and historian jobs at the Air Force base in the next town over that look nice. They wanted a transcript as part of the application process and they wanted this all by September 30. No problem, at this point it's about the 20th. I was a little confused about how I was supposed to send my transcript with an online application, so early last week I phoned the Air Force Personnel and they explained how to get the transcript online once I had the university email me a copy of mine.

So I call the university to request a transcript just as soon as I get off the phone with the Air Force. They don't email transcripts. Ever. For any reason. Because they just don't. The lady who tells me this is really snotty about the whole thing too. She not only interrupts me when I start trying to explain the situation, it's to say "I don't care. We don't do that." So I give them thirty dollars for an expedited transcript with overnight shipping. Supposedly it takes three days to process the transcript, but they would get it out in the mail the day after that, and that's enough time to scan it into the computer or call the Personnel Office back and see what I'm supposed to do with this piece of paper.

I check my email earlier tonight, and they sent me yesterday an email telling me that I owe something to the library and they're not going to move on the transcript until I take care of it. Yeah, that's not going to get taken care of before... um, today.

They never told me that I owed them anything. My "My Account" on the student website has showed me a balance of $0.00 owed for at least a year and a half. Even if the old parking ticket was still an issue, Parking Services is not the library. The library has never said anything to me. They didn't even answer the question I asked through the research system alumni are supposed to be allowed to use. Now they suddenly remember that they want something from me, but it's apparently not important enough to let me know about before I come to them. And it takes them nine days to tell me this supposed problem is keeping anything from getting done with my transcript.

Long story short, I just lost a shot at a full-time government job thanks to the university library. Fuckers.
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