mildlydisturbed (mildlydisturbed) wrote in bad_service,

Just a local bar annoyance

Me and the woman went to a place called Corner Pub (in da Wood), they had advertised drink specials on the table from 5-7.

K orders her thing, I order a pizza (listed on the menu) and am told they don't have that and haven't had it for some time and they really need to update the menu. Ok, I go for something else. No biggie.

Bill comes and it's a lot higher than advertised price. I point out the happy hour prices they have listed and what they have charged me are not even close. Waitress tells me that's only M-F, which is not listed on the advertisement, she says "yeah, we really should change that to have the days that it's on because people think it's every day" She then leaves

Er, yeah, people think it's every day because it says 5-7 and it's on the table without a little M-F on it. And if people keep thinking it's drink special time (as she just indicated), perhaps that's a good indication that you need to change the freaking sign or remove that advertisement on the weekends.

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