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Is bad *system* bad service?

So, Mucho Gusto is a wee local burrito franchise with three locations. They have lovely food put together Subway style, but no burrito for me tonight. Why? Because they don't want anyone to know what time they're open. Like heck I'm heading out there only to have to walk home hungry.

First step in checking the website: I look for their hours of operation. They have all three locations posted on their website, but none with phone number or hours of operation.
Second step: I look for a phone number of any kind. After a while, I find this charming page.

Quoted for the linkphobic, italics mine, capitalization theirs:

We don't take call-ahead or fax-ahead orders. In fact, phone numbers are unlisted at all locations. We don't take these orders because our unique Mex-To-Your-Specs ordering system requires each guest to be present when choosing from a variety of freshly prepared ingredients to create their own customized Mexican meal.

If you're interested in a quick meal to-go, we recommend stopping in and placing a take-out order. If you're planning to get take-out for more than just yourself, we strongly recommend that you use our Take-Out Order Form. It's an easy to use, deli-style checklist that allows each guest to get MEXactly what he or she wants. Instructions are printed on this form.

(back to me)

Well, that was lovely. If they're letting people place orders from a printed form, why isn't it impossible for people to pick up extra printed forms and fax them in, filled out? Apparently they won't allow phone orders because ordering a burrito from them is as complicated as ordering a pizza from Pizza Pipeline. And because they don't want phone orders, they won't let any customers call them for any reason...I didn't even want to place a phone order. I just wanted to know their hours!  This smacks of chicanery to me, as well as arrogance. Everything the West brothers did has started to suck since they split up. I was hoping Mucho Gusto was an exception.

Oh, and Google lists their phone number. I don't know whether I'll get their hours if I call, or if I'll get shock and horror at actually contacting them as a customer. I don't even know whether or not to be angry, so for right now, I think I'll let my current mood speak for itself.

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