When earth's foundations fled (yasaiya) wrote in bad_service,
When earth's foundations fled

Can I please have my book?

I ordered a book from a Chapters store almost a month and a half ago. I was originally told it would take one week for it to arrive, which was perfect for me since I was leaving on vacation in two weeks. I came in a week and a half later and was told the cashier had made a mistake, it was actually supposed to take four to six weeks. But mistakes happen right?

The latest the book was supposed to arrive was September 26th. I hadn't received a call from the bookstore so I showed up on the 27th and asked if the book was in yet. It wasn't there and by checking their database the cashier found out that the store had received an e-mail 10 days prior (September 17th) saying my book was out of stock and would ship within two weeks of the 17th. The bookstore was supposed to call me and tell me this, but it seems no one bothered in the 10 days since they had received the e-mail. The cashier told me to come back on Wednesday to see if it has shipped, but he told me he had no idea where my book was or if I was ever going to receive it.

I'm sure things get quite busy in store, but this one is quite small and one of the quieter locations, and I'm not sure why someone wouldn't call within the 10 days since they had received it. As for it taking longer and longer for the book to arrive, it happens. Since I ordered the book it changed from 'In Stock' to Out Of Stock' on the Chapters website. I just really want to read my book!
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