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Comcast. Ugh.

This will be a short post because I am not sure how long my internet will hold up.

Internet has been cutting in and out (more out than in) for the past couple days. I finally got online long enough to get their phone # and my account # (I am signed up for paperless billing so I didn't have that lying around anywhere). They didn't even attempt to troubleshoot, just took a look and told me -- yup, my connection no worky. Lovely.

I just took 2 weeks of vacation to go to Japan, so I absolutely NO time off left at work. Of course they don't have evening or weekend appointments available for the tech to stop by. The closest they had to an "evening" appointment is 3pm-5pm a week from Monday. Awesome.

So I just stare at my modem, making sad blinking attempts at connecting with the outside world, and hope for a few seconds to hop online and check my email.
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