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Drug Testing Woes...

I'm starting a new job next week that requires a drug test beforehand. I was sent by my new employer to a specific site that they have a contract with. They pay the center to run tests for them on new/potential hires. My appointment/directions told me to show up Friday afternoon, between noon and 5 PM, because that's supposed to be the time set aside for this company's drug tests.

Unfortunately, my fiance's car had a tire problem that required a patch, so we went to do that first. I hadn't been feeling well all week, and during the wait at the auto place, I forgot and went to the restroom. After doing this, I realized my mistake, as I was going to have to give a urine sample at the doctor's office.

Before heading to the center, we stopped and I drank two huge glasses of water. Feeling much more inclined to give a sample, we headed over. I signed in at 3:15 and sat down to be called. Despite being told this time of day was specifically set aside for my company's testing, there were several people in the waiting room there for various things. Okay. That doesn't bother me, because I wouldn't want them to turn away sick people because of one company doing drug testing. There was a sign indicating that only one of the clinic's two doctors was in that day, but there were four technicians in the back (that I saw), and the receptionist.

I was starting to feel sick again as I filled out my forms, and I really needed to visit the restroom. I realized that I had left my driver's license in my other purse (Murphy's Law), and that I had no photo ID with me. Right then, the receptionist calls my name. I explained to her that I had forgotten my ID, and that my fiance was about to leave and go get it.

She turned and told the doctor, who told me I couldn't have my sample processed without ID. I told her I understood it couldn't be processed, but could I go ahead and do the test, since I was going to send someone to get the ID. I told them I really needed to use the restroom. The doctor told me curtly that was unacceptable, because she needed an ID to begin the test, to prevent the use of fake IDs. She said, "You can just drink more water and do it later."

I said fine, and asked to use their restroom, since my stomach was cramping pretty badly at this point. She moved into the hallway like she was trying to block it from me, and said, "No, you cannot. These bathrooms are for patients only." I was completely confused, because I was technically a patient. They had my information, which had been faxed over from my work, and my visit was already paid for. I asked again if I could use the restroom, telling her it was an emergency, and she refused again, saying it would "compromise my test results." She also said there was a gas station down the street with a public restroom.

I admit, I was really angry at this point. I know leaving my ID was my fault, and I didn't really expect to be able to do the test without it, but at this point, I just wanted to use their restroom (there were two restrooms, one marked "Testing Room" and the other marked "Restroom"). One of the other patient's children had gone in and been allowed to use the restroom earlier, so I could not see why I wouldn't be allowed to, or how using the other room would compromise my test. As I was leaving the back, I said, to myself, but audibly, "This is stupid."

My fiance drove me to the gas station to use the restroom, and then home to get my purse. I returned at 4:10 PM. As soon as I walked in the door, the receptionist, who was chatting with a woman who seemed to be trying to sell them something, looked up and said, "I'll tell her you're back." I thanked her and sat down. While at home, I went ahead and drank another glass of water, so I was good to go.

I waited until 5:30, more than an hour. Several more people came in and were called, and some left. Eventually, I was in pain again, because my stomach was cramping pretty badly. I got up and went to the receptionist's desk. I told her I was feeling very ill, and would it be possible for me to do the test now?

She looked nervous, and said, "Oh, I'm sorry. The doctor's doing an X-Ray, so she can't see you." I looked down the hallway behind her, where I could clearly see the doctor sitting at a desk, drinking a cup of coffee, reading a magazine (it could have been a medical journal or something, but it wasn't a chart or anything). The receptionist followed my gaze and turned bright red. She picked up her phone, mumbling, "I'll see if one of the techs are free..."

A lady came up from the back, and I was finally able to do my test. However, as she was opening the cup for me, she said, "You know we close in twenty minutes? You should have come earlier today." ><

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