Sed (sedesla) wrote in bad_service,

And your mascot is annoying, too.

Has anyone else ever tried to set up Verizon internet service? It seems like they don't care about new customers anymore, just people switching from another service, since it's impossible to get through to them over the phone. And when you finally do the recording keeps reminding you that it's so much easier to "sign up quickly online!" Yeah great, but if I had the internet I wouldn't be calling you, would I?

A few weeks ago I called Verizon to ask about service. I'd tried before, but they told me DSL wasn't available in my area. I am a poor college student, I don't have the money for Fios. One morning I heard my neighbor across the hall using AIM (with the volume up, clearly) and I asked her what service she was on, and what speed. She said Verizon DSL.

This time when I called I told them about my neighbor. The woman, speaking to me like I'm five, told me that I wasn't inside their DSL service area. I asked her how that was possible, when my neighbor across the hall was inside. Literally, I could touch my door and hers at the same time. Our building is a converted house. Sparing no attitude she repeated the same mantra about the DSL service area. So I asked her to check the other apartments, and she informed me that out of the four, mine is the only one not within the service area. I said I was surprised, since apartment 2 is directly below me. Her answer to this was to push Fios some more. Apparently the DSL service area is like Tetris, and I'm the awkward empty square.

I'm summarizing, but this was a very frustrating call. Not only did I have to retry three times because they kept forwarding me to a menu where every option resulted in a "this number cannot provide the service you are requesting" and a hangup--but then they insisted that there was no possible way I could have internet in my apartment unless it was Fios.

I told her, politely, that I was going to call Comcast to see what they could do. "Go ahead I don't care" was her reply. Seriously? I was pissed but I had kept my voice steady and been polite the entire time.

I called Comcast which, for the record, is 1-800-COMCAST, not "go to our website and play Russian Roulette with phone numbers until you have to pretend you're canceling service to get through to a human being." (And I had to get all those numbers from a friend over the phone.) I was given ONE menu, picked new service, and an associate immediately answered the phone. She offered me high speed internet for $30 a month for six months, which is fine by me since I'll only be here for another 8. She was polite, very understanding, and offered me a discount on my installation. The tech, by the way? Smelled glorious and looked like sex in denim. Not that it mattered, I just wanted to throw that in.

Why make it difficult for me to give you money? I had every intention of going with Verizon, but it's like they don't want internet customers. No idea, folks. No idea.
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