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Dog&House Sitting, and a WTF

So when my parents go out of town, I'm their go-to person for dog&house sitting. However, for this week while they were gone, I agreed to it before I had a [foster] dog of my own. So we had to find someone in a pinch to dog&house sit for me (I suggested they find someone to watch their house and dogs, so that it wasn't someone displacing me so I could displace them, but they insisted. And hey, it was closer to work so I got to sleep in 30 min each day this week).

I had asked a couple of friends (those who weren't busy didn't get the nod from the parents, who were chipping in to pay) but ultimatly my mom chose a guy she's known for a month or so from I-Don't-Know-Where. So he came over last weekend to meet the dog, get the low-down, etc etc. I let him know all he needed to know about the dog, and then told him about the tv/remotes and such. I showed him what in the kitchen he could help himself to, and what I'd appreciate he leave behind for me. I told him that if he ran out of dog food (there was enough to last the week, but I thought if he used big scoops it might run out quicker). I left him cash, the garage door opener, an extra set of keys, and important phone numbers.

I came back this evening to find the following things:
- No dog food. Not sure how long it's been empty, but the dog was whining pretty bad so I'd guess he was fed last night, but not this morning.
- Dirty dishy all over the sink
- Dirty sheets thrown on the floor (had they been on the floor in the laundry room I actually would've thought he was trying to be helpful. The way they were just seemed sloppy or lazy)
- No food. ANYWHERE. The stuff I told him he could have? Gone (thank goodness). Things I asked him not to touch? Gone (WTF?). My dad's food? Gone (I rent from my parents, so they can leave whatever they want here. And since he's diabetic he keeps a few snacky-foods around just in case).
- No dog toys. (Wut teh f--k?) The plastic bones, ropes, squeaky toys, everything is gone.
- S--t in the toilet. Yanno that little piece that gets left behind? Yeah a couple of those were left behind.

I mean... WHAT? The dirty dishes and sheets by themselves I can deal with. It's a little sloppy but not horrible. I'd even tolerate the ... toilet (because hell, that's awkward to be like hey dood, you made my toilet dirty lol) And it's possible the dog food ran out this morning and the dog was just overly whiney for food. But why are all the toys gone? That's the biggest wtf there. And taking all my food (particularly that which I asked him not to touch, and my dad's food?!?!) is majorly sucky. I wish my mother hadn't insisted on leaving 'her friend' cash-up-front. I definatly would take some of that cash back now if I could.


And a WTF from King Soopers the other day:

(recently the self-scan kiosk moved from the middle of the section to the outer edge, on the end)
Me *in self-check out right next to employee's kiosk scanning my lunch*
Dude: "So who here wishes they were on vacation?"
Me "Heh, I wish"
Dude: "No, Not you."
Me *blink* "Uh, sorry?"
Dude: "So who here wishes they were on vacation?"
*no one responds*
Dude: *looks sadly at me*
Me: *takes receipt and walks away*
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