comment_hor (comment_hor) wrote in bad_service,

I usually don't get bad service, so that's why I've never posted in this community before, but something happened to my daughter today.

She turned 18 in September, and got her first credit card from Capital One on September 30th. She only bought one thing with it (a CD.. she basically wanted to start establishing credit for herself).

She's been waiting and waiting for her first credit card statement to come in the mail, so she could pay her bill, and so far she's got nothing.

She tried to find a website to give her information, but all she could find was the UK and Canadian websites. She called the 1-800 number on the back of the card, and she only got a recorded message (she tried to get a customer service rep, but couldnt.. maybe because it was after 5pm).

To her dismay, it told her that her payment was due November 9th (today is the 15th) and now her account is past due. Which means a $30 late fee.

Needless to say, she's more than pissed. She HAS money in her bank account, she's MORE than willing to pay her bill. If she had even gotten ONE statement before, she would have had the billing address and the billing day, and she would have just sent a payment in, or paid it from her online banking.

She's going to call again tomorrow during the day to see if she can talk to a rep.. she's going to dispute the late fee, considering THEY NEVER SENT HER A BILL.

Part of me wonders if they know she's 18, and they just dont care.
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