kaisers_minion (kaisers_minion) wrote in bad_service,

Hi! I'm a member over in customers_suck, but until now I haven't had any real reason to post here.
Anyway, this is a long-term bad_service. Nearly 3 years ago, I got a 'new' cell number (it was my brother's before mine). Quick note: I answer all calls in case there's something important, and the names in here are changed.

About 2 years ago, I started getting these calls. They were always for a man I'll call 'B Williams', from a bank, saying they were about a loan.

First call went sort of like this (it's been a while, I don't remember exactly):
Me: Hello?
Man: Hello, this is 'State Bank' calling for B Williams with important information about his loan with us.
Me: Sorry, there's no B here. You've got the wrong number.
Man: Oh, I'm sorry. Goodbye.

Not bad in itself. But two days later...
Me: Hello?
Woman: Hello, this is 'State Bank' calling for B about important information for his loan with us.
Me: Sorry, there's no one named B here. I got called about this before, you've got the wrong number.
Woman: Oh, is this 123-555-4567?
Me: Uh, yeah, that's my number.
Woman: May I speak to B or E Williams, please?
Me: There's no one by those names here. My name's L.
Woman: Oh, we must have entered it wrong, then. I'll remove this number from our systems.

I thought that was it. They knew it wasn't him, the number's out of their systems, right?
Fast-forward to a month after that.

Me: (Hmm, that number looks familiar.) Hello?
Woman: Hello, may I speak to B or E Williams?
Me: There's no one by those names here. Is this 'State Bank'?
Woman: Yes. Maybe he gave us a number that's since been transferred to you?
Me: I've had this number for years, and I don't know anyone named B.
Woman: I'm sorry. I'll make sure the number's cleared from our system, and I'll put a note in in case B tries to enter it again.
Me: Thank you. Bye.

I kept getting calls off and on for about a year; it must have been 20 calls in a 12 or 13 month span. Mostly it was during times in which I was in class and unable to answer, and when I did answer they'd always promise they'd remove my number from their systems. I tried complaining to the callers and to 'State Bank's' customer care department, and nothing helped. My dad finally told me to threaten a harrasment suit if they didn't stop calling. So the next time they called when I could answer, that's what I did, and they finally, really stopped.

Guess who called today.
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