Teri Smith (kitchenqueen) wrote in bad_service,
Teri Smith

Best Buy bad service

This isn't an "OMGWTFBBQ I'm never shopping at Best Buy ever again!" bad service, but it's one of those "walk away shaking your head" bad service.

About a week and a half ago, my husband brought his laptop into Best Buy for service. He had a catastrophic hard drive failure a couple of months ago, and when he took it in for service then, they suggested that he bring it in to fix some dead pixels in the screen. It was nearing the end of the warranty, so he decided to take advantage of the warranty that he paid for and get it fixed.

In addition to the pixel issue, he had some problems with the power cord. Every once in a while, it'll pop onto battery power, thinking that it's unplugged. (I've had the same issues with my laptops in the past. I felt his pain.) So, we toodled into Best Buy, laptop in tow.

Keep in mind that my husband is a former systems engineer, and knows how computer people work.

He gives the computer to the techie guy, and explained the problems. He asked multiple times if the power cord issue was going to be addressed, because the tech didn't write it on the sheet. He assured my husband no less than 5 times that "It would be tested and brought back to factory specs, so the power cord issue would definitely be checked out."

So, a week and a half passed, and we got a call today that it was ready. Since he's been using my old computer, he was very excited to get his back. After dinner, we took a ride down to Best Buy to pick it up.

Guess what wasn't fixed? You got it, the power issue was never addressed. The tech guy looked at the paperwork, noted that it said nothing about there being an issue with the power, and said that if there was a power cord issue, that they should have sent the cord with it for service. He brought the cord, but the original tech said that they didn't need it. He did say that if it was still a problem that he could have it sent out again and it would be covered under the warranty, which expired while it was out for service. Well, isn't that why I sent it to you in the first place, sunshine?

tl;dr: Best Buy assures husband that a power cord problem on husband's laptop, but does not write it on the work order. Of course, power cord problem is not addressed.
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