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Passport and an LOL

So I got invited to do this trip with my dad in November. We fly to San Diego and cross the border into Mexico. In previous years, I've been able to use my driver's license to get back into the states. This year, I was told, just this month, that I would need a passport to get back in. So I looked up the fees online, as well as where I could go to get this done, and budgeted for a passport book and overnight fees.

So I go into the post office next to the police station, as it's the closest place to work that does them. Outside are all these "Get your passport here' signs, but inside, nothing. So I wait in the line for the post office, and ask the first available teller (is that the right term?). He tells me it's down the hall to the right. Okay no worries.

I get to the door which is open, and I turn in to see. There's a woman there, at a desk, talking to someone in a chair behind the door. The chairs look set up to be some sort of waiting area, so I figure she's talking to a customer. But the conversation is in regards to a vacation, turns to myths like when your ears are burning someone's talking about you... finally there's a break in the conversation:

Me: Excuse me? Is this where I need to be for a passport?
Lady: I'm on my break.

"Oh, sorry. I there someone else that can help me? I have to have -

"I'm the only one."

"Oh, um then, how long is - "

"Talk to them" *points at the wall, I assume she means the post office tellers*


So I go back out there, wait in line again, and get the same nice guy. "Hi. I'm sorry. I'm pretty sure I'm in the wrong spot but she told me to come back out here."

"You needed a passport, right?"

"Yeah. But she said she's on her break and to come back here."

"I'm sorry, but we don't have anything to do with the passports. You'll have to see her."

"Okay. Thanks." So I decide to go back and (if she'll let me talk!) figure out how long her break is so I know whether to wait, or come back.

She sees me at the door again and gives this 'aww geez' kind of look. "I'm still on my break."

"How long is it? Because I could come back, but I'm hoping I can just wait?"

*rambles on and on. I don't even remember what she said but it in no way answered my question(s)*

"Is it a long process? I thought I just had to sign these in front of you and pay...?"

"FINE. Sit down at the table. I'll be there in a second."

So I sit down and get out the form I printed off the web, my birth certificate, my photos I got at walgreens for cheap (wee!) and set them all out on the table.

"I need your birth certificate"

*slides it closer to her*

"I neeeed your birth.certificate."

"Um, it's right there."

"No, I need your driver's license."

*gets it out of wallet**slides it across table*

So finally she gets to the spiel about taking my birth certificate and having it mailed back to me with the passport (I didn't know they did this but I've heard people actually get theirs back lol so I'm not *too* worried). Then asks if I've commited crimes against the state, etc.

"How are you going to pay?"

"I don't have much cash, but it said online you accept debit cards. Is that okay?"

"No we take debit, not credit."

"Uh, so I'm okay with a debit card?"


*hands it to her*

"...We don't take mastercard."


"Take it out to *them* and get a money order."

"...Okay. For how much?"

"Just tell them the passport and fees. They'll know."

"I need this overnighted too."

"Go get the money order"

*waits in line again* *asks for money order* *tells them it's for the passport*

*Lady comes in seemingly out of nowhere* "WITH FEES. DON'T LET HER SKIP OUT ON THE FEES!"

O.o "The overnight fees?"

*to Post Office lady* "Passport and FEES. Put it in for passport AND FEES."

*Post office lady puts hand out waiting for payment*

"Uhm, how much is the total please?"

First lady: "It's about a hundred dollars."

"About? Like $105 or like $150?"

"It's abouuuuut a hundreeeeed dolllllllars."

Post office Lady: "It's $101.05"

"Does that include overnight fees?"

First Lady: "YOU DIDN'T SAY YOU WANTED IT OVERNIGHTED. *to Post office lady* Don't change it. It's too much of a hassel. Just take payment or cancel it. SHE DIDN'T SAY OVERNIGHT"

O.o "I really need this passport as soon as possible. Is there any way to include the overnight fees now?"

First Lady: "RUN IT AS IS"

*at this point, I need to get back to work so I ask them for the estimated time without overnighting it, and they say approximatly four to six weeks so I just go with that and hand the Post Office Lady my card*

And some LOL service in case you need a laugh:

Taco Bell Guy (at DriveThru): HI! How are you today?
Me: I'm great thanks. How are you?
TBG: I'm great. How are you?
Me: ...I'm great. How are you?
TBG: I'm great how are you?
Me: ...Great.Thanks.
TBG: Order when you're ready
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