aremith (aremith) wrote in bad_service,

Kinda-Minor Bad Suck

I am a member of the AE All Access Pass. For those who don't know, it's basically a rewards system based on how many things you buy from AE. Different items get different point values and getting to certain points gives you percentage rewards.

They currently have a "triple points" promotion, where you get (obviously) three times the points you would normally get. I bought two things in one day, on different receipts. I enter both at the same time. The first is quickly processed and the triple points were automatically applied. The second took quite a bit longer (About 5 days instead of the "maximum 72 hours" advertised in their email), and the points were not applied.

I call their help number, and, get a CSR. I tell her my problem, and she tells me that they would be posted at the end. I ask why the other one was posted automatically when the credits were posted to the account. She tells me that she'd look at it. I give her my account number and name, no problem. She then asks me for my address.

Now this is where the problem starts. I give the normal method of writing my address "<APT> <STREET NO> <STREET>, <CITY>, <PROVINCE>, <POSTAL CODE>, <COUNTRY>". She says that's wrong. I give her the alternate: "Apartment <APT> <STREET NO> <STREET>, <CITY>, <PROVINCE>, <POSTAL CODE>, <COUNTRY>". No go. Now I go onto their own site and give it to them word for word from their own site, including spelling out the letters (It's a pretty hard address). She now tells me no, that's the worng address. After a bit of arguing that I know my own address and that I'm reading it through their own site, she authenticates me based on alternate information, and then tells me:

"If I give you the address, will you apologize?"

So she thenn tells me the address. She read it wrong, and mixed up two letters in the second part ("Narod" to "Norad"). I tell her, that it's not Norad, and yet again spell it out for her. At this point, she whispers "He is so dumb".

At that point I ask for a manager, and that I'm getting bad service. She satrts chukling and then goes silent. I actually ask her if she's still there, to which she replies "Yes" and she finally transfers me after me having to ask again.

Happy ending. I got extra points for my trouble.
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