paisley80 (paisley80) wrote in bad_service,

Do I look like a penny machine?

I left the house this morning with exactly $7.  I cleaned out my change purse last night, so I had no more than this, no less.  I went to the post office, was charged $5.05, so I went into the grocery store with exactly $1.95.  I knew that what I was getting would be around $1.50 before tax, so no problem.

Cashier lady rings me up, then says my total is $1.61.  I hand her $1.70, because I couldn't find the nickel I'd gotten from the post office.  The following conversation kinda blew my mind.

Cashier lady:  "It's one-sixty-ONE."
Me:  "Oh, did I give you one sixty?  I'm sorry, I thought I gave you one seventy."  (I pull out my wallet to find another dime.)
CL:  "Nooo, you gave me one seventy, but it's one sixty ONE.  Do you have just a penny?"
Me:  "No ma'am, I just got that change from the post office, it's all I have."  
CL:  "You have all that change in your purse, but you don't have ONE penny?  Not even in your pockets?"
Me:  *blink* "No ma'am, sorry."

Now, I have a good sense of humor, and would've thought it funny if she'd have been kidding, but she was giving me this annoyed-grandmother affect, with the tongue clicking and the looking-over-the-bifocals and the brow furrowing and head shaking.  Like I disappointed her for wanting change.

She then opens her drawer and starts pulling out change.  I wasn't paying attention because I was putting my wallet back in my purse and checking the time on my cell phone, etc... but she starts talking to her bagger, saying "I'm gonna need more pennies.  Nobody ever has the right change.  I always bring change when I'm going to the grocery store.  I'm near out of pennies right now.  She don't never give me enough pennies."  (I was assuming she was talking about the manager.)

She gives me the super dramatic sigh that my horrible mother-in-law always gives me for the smallest reason, then gives me my change.  I figured I would be getting a dime, since she was so low on pennies that she didn't have enough, or that she'd be giving me a nickel and 4 pennies.  No, internets.  She gave me 9 pennies. 

On the way to pick up my son from school, I called the manager and she said she'd "have a talk with her." 

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