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Disabilties Office

I have a lot mental health issues mostly pertaining to anxiety problems so I have a file with my school's disabilities office. I basically had an episode of the crazy that last for the whole night and I have not slept at all. Right now I am way too anxious to leave the house. Leaving my room alone is terrifying. So you know, I called my school disabilities center to ask them for help.

Lady: Answering phone calls, sounding really angry all the time

Lady: Ross Center for disabilities?
Me: Hi my name is Polina and I have file with you. I had an episode last night and I have no slept at all and I cannot make it to class, could please contact my pro-
Lady: Have you called your professors?
Me: No, I wanted you to contact-
Lady: You need to call your professors. *click*

Now aside from the fact that this woman being incredibly rude and not letting me finish a single sentence and hanging up on me, isn't the Center supposed to help me? I mean I did hand them over years a medical files for a reason. (I hope.) The whole point of Center is doing have very special extra official documentation for all your professors so they how to help you. Now most of classes are on the larger side this semester so I imagine my professors have hundreds of students in many classes to keep track of and require some sort of reminder that any given student has a certain accommodation. I don't know I could be just overreacting because I'm still anxious or I really need to sleep and calm down but I am not really okay with this ATM.

/end crazy rant

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