HaYwiRe (psychomatt) wrote in bad_service,

A comment in a previous post reminded me of this one...

In my college days, I occasionally had some money problems (yeah, I know, big surprise.) I had an instance where a deposit into my checking account was reversed about a week after it went in, then reposted about a week later. (I never did get an explanation as to what happened - one of several reasons I no longer bank with that company.) I had written a check at a convenience store in town, and knew that it would probably bounce due to the reversed deposit. I took time out of my day to go to the store & speak to the store manager, explaining exactly what was going on. I left my contact information, so I could come in & pay in cash if the check came back (so they'd still get their money, without me paying twice if it went through.) The next I heard was about 2 weeks later, from the county attorney. The store had turned it over to them, anyway, meaning I had to pay my bank's bounce fee, the store's bounce fee, AND misc fees to the county attorney (about the same amount as the bounce fees.)

EDIT to clarify timeline:
--Deposited check into my checking account
--Deposit was posted (as in cleared to use.)
--I wrote the check in question
--The deposit was reversed
--I spoke to the store manager, explained the situation, and left contact info
--Deposit re-posted
--County Attorney contacted me

Summary: I went in & explained that a check would likely bounce, due to bank shenanigans, left my contact info so I could come in to pay if it did bounce, and they still turned it directly over to the county attorney, increasing my costs.
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