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These center around my recent credit report struggles, but stem from bad service.

I know that I've mentioned these before in comments as responses to other people's posts, but I don't think I've made my own post about them. (I apologize if you've already heard me gripe about them though.) I'll try to be brief about these.

T-Mobile: I was on a college internshp out of state, and cut off from the parents. In searching for a new cell phone plan a girl at work had TM and loved it, so she put me on the internet, we picked out a phone and a plan, entered my cc info, and waited for the phone to arrive. The right phone in the wrong color arrived, with the booklets that go with a phone but no confirmation of what I ordered (not even a packing slip or invoice that stated what was in the box). At the time, I still had the print out from when we ordered online stating my plan was a decent amount of minutes, and 1000 texts a month, at $49.99 a month so I began using my phone. Two weeks later I get my first bill (I thought they were supposed to be monthly...?) for almost $600. Obviously I call to complain. I am told (by several people) that they are overage charges from having not paid for any texts on my plan, and that they can't reverse the charges as it's past the billing date. I call back after work and just keep asking to speak to supervisors (as I have no idea what else to do, besides give them $600 I don't have and don't owe). I am on the phone for four hours explaining my situation to everyone who answers the transfer and am obviously upset, but I didn't swear at anyone or anything like that. At around the 4th hour on the phone I get one woman who refuses to listen to the situation, refuses to transfer me to anyone else, and demands I give her a cc number omfg rite naw! I refuse. Thinking I had no other choice (and fearing it would end up on my credit report) I tried to pay the $600 as I could. I paid $200.00 by phone (as per a threat to turn off my phone if I didn't pay at least this much before the end of the month). The automated thing asked me if I wanted payments to be taken from that account automatically every month and I said NO. I didn't know how much money I would have when, I wouldn't be able to pay regularly. But, apprently they decided at the next month (which was only a week later at this point) they needed to charge my card the remaining $400 for the balance. So now the bank which I had the card with [rightfully] wants THEIR money back, as my balance at the time was about $.34. Credit mark #1.

tl;dr: TM charges me for overages that should've been included in the account; reps won't help (most aren't even nice about it, even got one that's got a very 'neenerneener' attitude), they charge my card just two weeks after I made an obligated payment (when it was supposed to be a month later) and overdraws my bank account.

QWEST/DirectTv: Since graduating high school, the deal with my parents always was that I wouldn't get a "real" job while in school, I'd work for them to make spending cash. I had done enough during one summer that my dad decided to help pay for my internet/tv bills the following fall. My mom (who does the books at their house) decided the easiest way to do that was for me to set up an account and put my mom on it. We'd had so many problems with the service that we decided to cancel. So I called them up and asked how much the cancellation fee would be and they transfered me to tech support instead of answering my question. Tech support tried to get me to do what I'd been doing for the last two weeks with their internet box and I continued to ask to be transfered back to someone who could cancel my account. Finally they did and they kept running around the subject trying to get me to stay. So I got my mom on the phone with me as she's more assertive and she told them firmly to cancel the account. So he finally agreed, charged us the fees and the last month's worth, etc. And because of an issue earlier that month my mom said she'd pay the final bill and cancellation fees. Her cc was charged for $125 and we thought we were done with them. While I was on the internship mentioned above I received a letter from a collections agency in the amount of $125. I sent a copy to my mom and wrote to the agency with her contact information, stating that she had already paid this, and she would be able to provide them with her cc statement, etc. For a year we didn't hear from them, and it never showed up on my credit report so we thought all was well. Until a month ago when Qwest showed up on my credit again. I disputed it, and they took it off without hassle. And then it showed up again last week associated with DirectTv instead of Qwest. It's like the bug that wouldn't die.

tl;dr: Qwest cancels our service, accepts our payment of late fees/last month, and still filed it as unpaid

Another suck on this, related to my credit: There are two different collections agencies asking me for $125 each. Both are representing the Qwest/DirectTv bill (that we already paid), and both are asking for the full amount. This can't be legal, can it?

I've heard stories (even posts here) of credit companies harrassing someone for a debt owed (which isn't cool), but if I hadn't been checking my credit report paranoid-iously I wouldn't have known these had showed up there. No one has bothered to drop a note to my mailbox or call me even once to say "You owe this, how are you going to pay?" Not that I'm by any means asking them to harass me over these debts, but if I have no choice but to pay them, couldn't they give me the option too? I've googled the sites and I think I have corect contact information and I plan to write a letter this week asking how to go about it. But how does one expect to get paid if they don't ask for payment or provide a way to get paid? I'm doing what I can, I just am baffled that they haven't even communicated to me once over these.
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