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Ticket trouble rant

So, way back in March, tickets were released for a WWE house show in London. My boyfriend and I are wrestling fans, so now that the show would be at least roughly on the same continent as us, we decided to go. The day the tickets were released was insane, but after many many reloadings of ticket page/calls to the phone queue, we finally got two tickets. His address was taken, name, phone number, everything.

A couple of days later, the payment for the tickets was withdrawn from his account. Great! Tickets on the way! Or so I thought.

Days turned to weeks turned to months. Now, these things can take time, especially since we're in another country. But when we hadn't received the tickets in early June, I started bugging my bf to get in touch with the ticket company. Were we supposed to go get the tickets ourselves when we came to London, or what? He tried e-mailing and didn't get an answer, and tried phoning every now and then though usually only to end up with a busy signal. Also, phoning is pretty expensive, so he didn't call all that often.

Eventually he got hold of them last week (the show is in November). They told him that for some unknown reason the tickets had been put into the ordinary British mail, meaning that they were now in limbo somewhere in GB. The ticket lady told him that she'd now canceled those tickets (so no one else could use them) and made some sort of note that we were to fetch our tickets ourselves when we arrived. "As long as you have photo ID you'll be fine. Oh, and it might be good to have the card you bought them with as well."

Yeah, if he still had that card, sure... it broke and he got another one. The original card is now in a garbage dump somewhere. I started to worry that we'd buy plane tickets, get a hotel room, arrive in London and find that we couldn't see the show. Now, yesterday, the tickets mysteriously appear in the mail. So are these the "destroyed" tickets? Or ones we're supposed to use? Maybe someone had forgot to mail them? He's back to trying to call the company again...

I'm just saying, if we arrive and they won't let us in, it'll make headlines. I'm usually not the confrontational sort, but that'll make me go berserk. I will layeth the smacketh down on their candy @**es. We have payed, we entered our information, they have somehow screwed up and are then almost impossible to get hold of. Bad!
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