reeksakapanther (reeksakapanther) wrote in bad_service,

I haven't had a reason to update in a while

Back in Feb, I wrote about how my insurance covered a truck wreak that our vehicle was involved in. Now for the bad service

I got a certified letter a few weeks ago from my old insurance. This policy wasn't even in effect when the wreak happened. Hadn't been for 2 months.

I played phone tag with the adjuster for a week before I finally got her supervisor.

The truck was being driven by BIL and had 1 passenger. Both refused medical attention by both the cops and our offers. The passenger said if he went, he would use his insurance. We removed our truck because no medical attentiion was being accepted and we couldn't drive the totaled truck.

The insurance supervisor opened the file and gave me the name on the claim. It was the passenger who went to the hospital after he told us he wasn't going. The medical bills are over $50,000.

I never gave permission to the hospital nor to the passenger to file a claim.

This wouldn't have been so bad, except it was claimed under a dead policy.

I called the hospital and they told me I was liable for the bills if the insurance didn't go through. I tried to explain that the policy information given was a dead policy but they still say I am liable.

However, we were not driving the vehicle at the time, my BIL was.

So now I am at a dead halt at what to do. Am I still liable for this, even though it was filed under a dead policy and the passenger ref used medical at the time of the accident?

Am I going to be sued for Insurance Fraud?

The bad service in this is that the hospital didn't get my permission to file this claim, and it was filed under a dead policy. I had no knowledge until I got the certified letter in the mail from the old policy.

A little help please.
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