Ginny (ginny305) wrote in bad_service,

Wachovia frustration

In August I noticed a charge from tglgreatfan on my bank statement. I'd seen it before, chalked it up to a purchase I couldn't quite remember and moved on. This time I was positive I hadn't made it, did a bit of quick research and found out that they were a scam and called Wachovia to dispute the charge. I'm optimistic at this point, despite my growing dislike of them.

Since clicking on the link to their website was obviously a clear agreement to Wachovia that I gave them permission to take my money (I clicked over from Orbitz) they refused to do anything but gave me the phone number to call and cancel. I did, got the cancellation number and the name of the woman I talked with and figured it wasn't the end, but hoped for the best.

Last night, I see the charge again. This time I know that I have a cancellation number and I call Wachovia again. I sit on hold for a while but get through to a real person. She listens as I explain the situation, is nice (first nice one I've talked with) and she transfers me to whatever department I need.

The woman listens, I give her the cancellation number and she puts me on hold. Several minutes later she come back and tells me that they'll call the company but to stop the charges she's canceled my debit card.

Without asking me.

At 6:30pm on a Saturday.

I stumbled over a response, trying to figure out if I can get by without my debit card for a week (nearly every bank within driving distance of work closes before I get out and meetings afterwards this week means I really don't have time to race to a bank to get cash out). Luckily I'd just put gas in the car and have some cash but who cancels a card without first asking the person if it's okay? What if I hadn't done my grocery shopping the night before? What if I was leaving on vacation and needed it?

I need a new bank. Or credit union.

TL;DR: Wachovia cancels debit card without asking me if it's all right.
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