Lauren (sofamiliar) wrote in bad_service,

Last night, we were craving pizza really badly, so we decided to order in. (Note: This exchange takes place in the UK, but I am from the US.)

I called the number of the Domino's that had put a leaflet through our door. I began to rattle off our order, but then the girl asked for my postcode. Fair enough, I forgot that they needed that. So I told her, and then she said, "Right, that's out of our delivery range."

"But not out of the range to put your leaflet through our door?"

"The closest Domino's to you is the one in [location about three miles away] - can I give you the number?"

"Yeah, that'd be great."

And then she rattles off a bunch of twos and sixes, and then says "No, wait, wrong one -" and then rattles of a bunch of sixes and twos. I repeat the number she gave me, and then she says, "No, no, it's -" and then puts a zero in and changes the order of the sixes and twos again. So I repeat the number with her talking under me to a co-worker the whole time, and then she rushes me off the phone.

Now, I understand that I was calling on a Saturday night, and so it was going to be busy, but come on. Seriously? We could have saved a lot of time if she'd just slowly said the correct number the first time. As it was, she STILL gave me the wrong number, and I had to go upstairs and look up the correct number. Awesome.

So I do that, and then call.

A girl picks up the phone and it's REALLY noisy in the background. Like, REALLY REALLY noisy, I can barely make out what she's saying. But I give her my address and try to order a special (medium pizza, starter, and a drink for £15.99). There's a bit of confusion when my American-ness kicks in, and I call it a combo. I correct myself and say it's the Big Night In Deal. She doesn't get it and asks if I'm ordering the garlic bread and chicken starters.


Okay. I start again. She's still hung up on the starters menu, so I say forget it, I'll just order each thing separately. I get a medium cheese pizza, and want to add on herbs, extra cheese, pineapple, and tomato.

Now, in the UK, "tomato" is pronounced "toh-mah-to", but I feel ridiculous saying that, so more often than not, "toh-may-to" slips out. So yes, it was pronounced differently, but I feel sure that my saying "to-may-to" sounds more like "to-mah-to" than it sounds like... wait for it...


Luckily, that was sorted out fairly quickly. I order garlic bread and Fanta, and then the girl rings up the order. I'm expecting it to be in the realm of £16 or £17, since the deal advertised was £15.99.

My total (all items ordered separately) is £15.93.

I go with it.

I give her the card details, and there's a bit of confusion over the security code because it is SO FRICKING LOUD in the background that I can't understand what she's saying. So after repeating it at the same volume twice, she then proceeds to SHOUT on the point of screaming into the phone, "THE SECURITY CODE IS THE THREE DIGIT NUMBER ON THE BACK OF YOUR CARD". And then lets out this sigh like a sixteen-year-old gives when her mom asks her to clean her room for fifth time.

I know what the security code IS, but I had no idea what she was ASKING. I give her the number, and she says, "Right, your order should be delivered within thirty minutes, and the driver will ask to see your card, have you sign the receipt, and then check the signatures."


Forty-five minutes later (which I normally wouldn't care about, but I was already so irritated with this chick's attitude that I was counting the minutes), our pizza shows up.

Does the delivery guy make us sign the receipt?


Does he check the card?


Does he practically shove the items at my husband and then dash off as quickly as possible?


Well, whatever. It's their problem, not ours.

I am, however, considering writing a letter to the manager, requesting that the phones be moved to a more quiet area of the store, if possible. Not that I plan on ordering from them again.
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