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Quick Question

Here's the situation. I live in downtown Pittsburgh and therefor have to park my car in a garage. I put my car in the garage last Thursday and couldn't take it out because I didn't have enough money. However, I received some birthday money today (Yay, I'm 21!) so I decided to take my car out and go get some food that I was desperately lacking. The only problem was that I'd lost my ticket. Ok, no big deal, it's happened before. I just have to tell the cashier and she gets the security guards to look at some logs and then I pay what I need to get out. Only this time, there was no cashier or guard, presumably because it's the weekend. I called all the phone numbers listed for this garage location and got no answer, looked on every floor of the garage to see if there was anyone there and even pressed the help buttons on the paystations. Nothing happened. Nobody picked up the phone and I don't even think anything happened when I pressed the help button. So I'm writing a feedback letter right now. I don't really want to complain because it's my fault I lost the ticket in the first place, but a lost ticket means you have to pay the full day's fare so I'd have to pay the $5 weekend rate for tomorrow and maybe $8.75 for Monday. I'm totally ok with paying the full fare for today, because like I said it's my responsibility to keep track of the ticket, but I think it's a little messed up that I'll have to pay the next two days full fare because no one was available over the weekend.

Now for the question. I found a couple of templates for complaint letters because I didn't want it seem like I was whining and they all mention I should state what I'd consider the resolution to my problem and I don't really know what to say. They don't really owe me anything but at the same time this might be around an extra $15 that I'll have to pay even though I tried to resolve it as soon as possible. So I guess my question is, should I even bother to ask for some kind of resolution/compensation or just ask for this to be fixed and wait to see what they offer?

ETA: I decided to just say that I wasn't going to pay any fees that I incurred through no fault of my own. This morning I got an email saying that they'd look into it and then another email a couple of hours later asking to call them. The guy I talked to was kind of combative. He kept insisting that there's always a cashier and a guard there and he can tell by the timestamp on the transactions. I basically said that was fine and dandy but when I went there was no one there and I stayed for at least 20 minutes. He also didn't say anything about the help and lost ticket buttons not working. He told me that when I went to go get a new ticket they'd only charge me up until the time I tried to get it out on Saturday and they waived the fees from Thursday, Sept. 11th through Saturday, Sept. 13. So all in all everything turned out well.
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