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Hopefully the grand finale to the Sprint Saga

It's about a couple of weeks since I last posted, so if you want to catch up, check the backlogs

If you just want a refresher: I bought the samsung instinct on August 27th and have had issues from day 1. I originally bought it at a sprint kiosk in the mall, tried to exchange it/return it and had to deal with one of the worst managers I've ever come across. She initially refused to return it, but I came in later and was able to do it hassle free (with a different worker). I then ordered the phone from a local brick-and-mortar sprint store, and had to wait a week to even have it activated.

So, I was finally able to activate my phone a few weeks ago, but the internet still didn't work. By internet, I mean email, picture mail, tv, radio...all the nifty things the Instinct is supposed to be able to do. I pretty much went to the Sprint store, called tech support or both every single day for two weeks. It's obvious that tech support has no clue because they would keep telling me to do the same things over and over. What is worse is when I ask to be transferred to tier 2 support / advanced tech support, and the regulars would just try to "fix" the problem themselves... Which wasted even more of my time because resetting it or reprogramming it for the 17th time really isn't going to work.

To be fair, I did talk with some really awesome tech support people and one woman even decided to credit me $50 just for being nice. (That's a WTF for me... I think it's pretty sad when the tech support people are just so happy that they get someone not yelling at them that they decide to reward them...that should just be common courtesy. But I digress...)

So, Friday afternoon I'm in the sprint store for another marathon (I'm usually in there for an hour or three). We talk to a really good tech guy who decides to cancel my account and then transfer my info/number to a new account. This is going to take some time, so the guy says he'll call me at home in an hour or so. Which he does, no problem...and...ta-dah! I have internet service. Everything seems fine. I'm happy. Tech guy's happy. I hang up and play with all my features for awhile. I decide to text my mom that my phone is finally working, and the text fails...

A feeling of dread seeps in. I try to call my mom. Nothing. I use my land line to call in. My number is not activated. So, now my problem has reversed - I have data services, but no voice services.

I call back in to tech support (I should just have them on speed dial by now). One again, I get one of the ones who has no clue what they're dealing with and won't send me on to tier 2 until they do the basic diagnostics. Ok, so we go through this again. Reset the phone. Reprogram. Hard reset. Reprogram. They send me on. Tier 2 isn't much help this time and they decide to make a ticket and call me in 24-36 hours. Grrr....

So, that was a waste of 2 hours, it's late and I go to bed. In the morning, I check the phone, rejoice that I'm able to send a text out to my sister and check my internet thinking all is finally well in the world. The joy is short-lived of course when I get the dreaded HTTP ERROR 403. We're right back to square one. I call in to tech support again so I can cancel/update the ticket. That's never enough, the guy has to try and fix it again. When he can't, he actually recommends that (since I'm within my 30 days) I should go with a completely different phone (probably the best advice I've received so far).

So, I know J at the Sprint store is working today (they've begun to joke that I deserve to get a pay check since I'm there so much). The place is packed and it's just J working, so my husband and I decide to grab lunch first and check back later. So, we finally head back to the store about half an hour later and wait. Finally J can help us, I explain what happened after we left yesterday and he started calling up tech support again. He finally has a brilliant idea to test the account with a completely different power vision phone (an ace, if anyone's interested). And everything works perfectly. We switch back over to the Instinct. No data. It's got something to do with both my phone and my account, but no one can figure it out. I think the instinct just hates me ;)

The (hopefully) happy ending is that I got upgraded to an HTC Touch Diamond for free, but they have to mail it out to me (which could be a little while because I'm in the midwest which had massive power outages last week). Of course, there's always the chance that the data won't work on this phone either, in which case I'm just going to call it a day and get an iPhone with AT&T.

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