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Walmart Pharmacy.

I am posting this for my mom.

Yesterday mom went to put in her scripts. She had three to drop off. There had been a woman in line ahead of her, also dropping off a prescription (this is relevant). The girl putting the prescriptions into the computer tells my mom that it will be about 30 mins. Mom merrily goes about her shopping. When she returns to pick them up the tech guy that was there asks her if she is picking up for herself and *other woman who was in line before her*. She told him no, and is slightly confused. So he gets her scripts and there are only two. She asks where the other one was, and he tells her that script is the one for the *other woman*. Um, nooooo... So mom politely tells him that she doesn't even know this woman, and that the medication under this woman's name is actually her's.

Tech guy tells her that she has to wait another 15 mins for our regular guy to come fix the situation because he is at lunch. The regular guy is super nice and really good at what he does, even though my mom freaked out on him once. He comes back, gets it all sorted out, and is extremely apologetic.

It turns out that the girl inputting the stuff into the computer put one of my mom's prescriptions under this other woman's name and then put it with my mom's order (as if my mom was picking it up for a friend). I don't know how she did it, since they weren't picking up the same medication, but she managed to get it through on the other woman's insurance and everything. There was nothing there on any of the info that would have indicated it was my mom's medication, other than it was with her other two prescriptions to be picked up. Everything was filled out with the woman's information (except the prescription number).

When she came to get her order, it of course was not ready. The girl hadn't entered any of her refills, just my mom's. I just don't get how she did it. Mom's insurance always kicks it back if something is put in incorrectly.

I get it that they were busy, but any time I have been there, the regular guy always makes sure that he finishes the previous person's stuff before starting the next person's order. This could have just ended much worse than it did.
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