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I'm staying with my father thanks to Hurricane Ike knocking out our electricity for a solid week. I have a seventeen-month-old boy who needs his milk chilled, and besides, I am an internet addict. My father lives in a wealthy area. Everything there costs more, but when I went to go grocery shopping (all our food had spoiled) I was prepared for that.

While I was checking out, the checker girls cooed over my son and played with him. This is normal and I am used to it - my son gives off an aura of cheerful cuteness, and he flirts with girls, playing shy and such, giving them bashful smiles and then giggling his head off.

The bagger, however, looks at my son and says "What happened to his FACE?"

My son has a hemangioma on his face surrounding his left eye and across his cheek. He has had it basically since birth, so I'm also accustomed to this question, though usually adults show more tact. I told my usual lie - "Nothing, it's just a birthmark!" - because the truth requires a long explanation. Usually people let it go at that. No, not this bag boy.

"Man, if I had something like that on my face, I'd make them do something about it."

... Wow. Thanks, asshole. Actually, we already have. This is called effective treatment where I come from.">


I am honestly not irritated when people ask about my son's face. I'm used to fielding questions. But there is absolutely no call for that sort of comment.

Edited to fix cut.
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