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First Post on this Comm.

Howdy kids, I usually lurk over at customers_suck, but this little bit of WTF-ery has been chewing on my nerves.

"Victims of the almighty, your phone company hopes that you will die honorably. However, should any of you wish to beg for an extension on your phone bill, the great AT&T will...... not hear of it."

Seriously, my mother-in-law got her phone service shut off because she didn't get to pay her bill before Hurricane Ike hit us.
Now, it's true that no power = no land-line phone service anyway...... 
BUT  when she called the phone company from her cellphone and explained to the rep that they'd just been through a hurricane, the rep said:
"I don't care."
Who says that?!?!?!
Yes, it's true that she could have paid the bill before Ike hit, but still, you could be at least a little sympathetic, even if you don't give an extension.

EDIT: Sorry this thing got so out of control.... The fact of the matter is that the bill was due the day before Ike hit which was Friday, and she managed to call them today and got it paid. So, yes, she went 6 days past the due date. I'm not defending that, I'm just saying that the rep was really rude and, circumstances not withstanding, it was totally uncalled for. ^_^;;
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