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Pharmacy suck and insurance suck

I will preface this by saying that I've never had a problem previously with my pharmacy of choice (Walgreen's). They take my insurance, have always been very courteous and helpful, and they always answered my crazy IS THIS SAFE??? questions when I was pregnant with my son and my doctor hadn't called me back yet (lol).

Anyway, said son is now 9-weeks old and has thrush in his mouth. Our doctor prescribed him some medicine and I dropped off the prescription slip at the drive thru window since the baby was screaming bloody murder. I told the person at the window, who happened to be the pharmacist on duty, that this was the first prescription filled for my son, but he was on the same insurance as myself and my husband. He asked for our information, I gave it to him and he said I could come back for it in an hour. Great. I run some errands, get my paycheck and go back to Walgreen's.

Baby is sleeping and I need some other things, so we go in. I tell them I'm picking up a prescription for my son, and the pharm tech rings it up. It came to like $31.09. That seemed like an oddly specific total for something that should have been run through our insurance. So, I asked if it had been run through our insurance plan.

Pharm tech: Oh... no, doesn't look like it.
Me: Well, would you please run it through the insurance?
Pharm tech: Oh, I guess so.

And then, all hell breaks lose. Pharm tech apparently makes several mistakes while trying to run the prescription through insurance. She calls over the pharmacist (same one who took my prescription at the window), and he proceeds to be the biggest asshole in the world to the tech. Every word that came out of his mouth of condescending and oozed with sarcasm. Example: "I don't know how you managed to do this."; "You just didn't do anything right, did you?" Now, I'm just going to say that I while I was not particularly happy about having to wait, I didn't think his tone was appropriate, especially when used in front of a customer.

Then, he turns to me and asks if I am "sure" that my son is added to our insurance policy. I told him that if he wasn't, CIGNA needed to pay me back for the extra money that comes out every two weeks to cover him. He says they ran the insurance and it said he was ineligible for coverage. I asked why I didn't receive a phone call? All of my information is up-to-date. He shrugged. So, I then asked if they would call CIGNA and try to sort this out.

And this is where we get to insurance suck. Turns out CIGNA had deleted my son from our plan. I have no idea why this happened, though we're planning to call tomorrow and find out what the hell is up. Apparently CIGNA recognizes this as a mistake, and reactivates my son on the policy. That $31.09 prescription turns magically into a $4 co-pay. At this point, I am pleased, pay for my stuff and leave. 45 minutes after I got there, leaving me with 10 minutes to drop my son off at my in-laws and get to work on time (and, of course, I was late to work.)

Now, it turns out that the problems at Walgreen's stemmed directly from CIGNA's screw-up. I do think, however, that Walgreen's should have called me when there was a problem with the insurance, not shuffled their feet when I asked why it hadn't been run through, and I definitely feel like the pharmacist was out of line.

Am I overreacting? I am planning to at least complain to the pharmacy manager, who has always been very nice. I'm not opposed to writing a letter to corporate, but I'm looking for another part-time job and I totally applied to Walgreen's not to long ago. :P
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