lovethatlovage (lovethatlovage) wrote in bad_service,

i'm a theif, my big score this week? 12 cents worth of soda

so, i went to my local Jack in the Box, i don't normally eat there but it was the only thing open close by. i sat at the drive though for a good 10 minutes before anyone took my order, i had to wait 10 minutes for my food and the girl was extremely rude. after she handed the bag to me she slammed the door shut in my face. also, i had said no mayo.

i get home, i eat a fry (stone cold and obviously hours old) and then i take a bite into my sandwich. OMFG i have NEVER in my life had something so disgusting in my mouth. i ordered this promotional burger they were advertising (i don't remember the name but i was basically a steak burger on sourdough bread w/ cheese) and it was REVOLTING.

it was a soggy sourdough roll slathered in mayo (i'm talking over 4 tablespoons here). it had 3 slices of american cheese, NACHO CHEESE (no lie, nacho cheese, i didn't even think they sold an item that required squirt cheese there), one tiny burger patty that has also been cooked no less then 8 hours ago and one brown-ish tomato. when i took a bite it literally exploded condiments everywhere. i wanted to puke. it was like drinking lukewarm cheesy mayo on a sponge.

at this point i had eaten 3 or 4 fries and had a few sips of my drink. i have never returned fast food before, but, there is a first time for everything. it's normally cheap enough that i throw it away, but this was so disgusting i may never recover from having take a single bite.

i wrap the food back up, it's 4am mind you, and drive back to return it. i am dead tired, hungry and recently made to feel very nauseous. this meal was over $8 as well, and, i'm not made of money lately.

the girl cracks up laughing at me, which i didn't appreciate, and goes to get the manager. apparently it's funny that she serves shitty food. the manager doesn't want to give me a refund based on the fact that i had drank some of the drink.

i was like "excuse me, but you really think i drove all the way back here at 4am to steal three sips of soda from you?" that was really what he was implying. that i inconvenienced myself to that extent for 12 cents worth of soda and a couple fries.

i got my money back and told him i will NEVER eat there again.
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