Lynette (lynbug) wrote in bad_service,

McDonald's AGAIN

I went through the drive-thru of the Mcdonald's near my house last night around 9pm, and I ordered the double cheeseburger meal with coke.

I got my order, checked to make sure it was right, and grabbed a few fries. They were cold.

No problem, it happens, I let Will, the drive-thru guy know, and he took them back. He informed me it would be 3 minutes to cook new fries, could I please pull ahead to the waiting zone, and he would bring them out.

I parked, and waited. 12 minutes go by, no fries. I went inside, and stood at the counter for another 4 minutes before anyone acknowledged me. 2 girls were at the first drive thru window gossiping, one guy was helping customers, 2 guys were in the lobby talking to (I would assume) their friends, and Will was on the 2nd drive thru window. No manager in sight.

Finally the guy on the front acknowledged me, asked if he could help me, and I said "I've been waiting for 16 minutes now for fries". Will got the "Oh shit I forgot look", and went and put down a fresh basket of fries...why none were cooking, I don't know, it was pretty busy.

He then went and got a manager, who was walking out of the office bitching about trying to make a phonecall, "NOW WHAT HAVE YOU GUYS DONE?". Will explained the situation to her, she gave him a coupon to give to me, and started to walk away.

Then she recognized me. I had been in there having lunch with the store manager last week, who happens to be my boyfriend's cousin. Suddenly, the apologies start flowing, a few more coupons were given, and I was given a supersize fry instead of the medium I had ordered. Basically, she was giving me this stuff in hopes that I wouldn't mention to her manager that she was slacking off, along with most of her employees, while 3 people were doing the work for 8.

I'm not going to do anything about it, Will made an honest mistake and he actually apologized about it. I just found it REALLY funny that this manager chick was pointing fingers at the crewmembers until she saw me, then she stopped that pretty quick.

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